Deep Part Hairstyle How To

The deep part is a hairstyle that has been spreading like wildfire and Emmy Rossum was not one to miss out on the trend. She debuted a sleek updo with a deep side part at Global Green USA’s 9th Annual Pre-Oscar party on February 22, 2012. Her hair was neatly parted to one side , twisted back on either side and pulled into a sleek ponytail. The part began just above the arch of her brow and suited her face perfectly.

One thing that can be particularly tricky about the deep part is that depending on the beginning of your hair recession or the size and shape of your forehead the deep part may be unflattering so focus on getting the part just right. Some people can pull off deep parts that are extremely distant from the other side of the head but this may not suit everyone. Start by using a rat tooth comb to find the arch of your eyebrow.

Once you have done this, part your hair straight back from that point. After you have parted your hair, take a look and see how this part looks on you. You may need to adjust it to a point closer to the center or you may be able to move it even farther to the side. Use a pomade and sleek both sides back and pin them into place. Experiment with the style by changing up the sides and twisting them back into place or french braiding them.

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08. March 2012 by Amber
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