Blonde Hair Is Back in 2012

Scarlett Johansson
Blonde is back in a big way. After a wave of brunettes came onto the scene, stars seem to be lightening up their act. Last year, many high profile figures went back to their roots and started experimenting with dark tresses. Now, it seems as though the trend has passed as celebrities and fans alike seem to be rushing into their stylists to lighten their locks.

During the fall and winter months, hombre shades were seen everywhere. This trend allowed people to try out a lighter shade while still keeping a warm tone up top to even out pale winter skin. Since the new year has wrung in, celebrities seem to be ditching warmer golden hues for bold ash and platinum shades of blonde.

Katy Perry just recently changed her hair from black to an orangey shade to pink and now she has settled on a platinum blonde bob which really makes her skin glow. She debuted her brand new tresses while hosting Saturday Night Live in New York. Another celeb who recently brightened her hair hue is Scarlett Johansson. She had a reddish tint in her hair for a movie role but premiered a lighter ashy blonde while promoting her new film We Bought a Zoo on the Today show.

If you are considering taking the plunge and going blonde follow these guidelines to ensure healthy beautiful strands. Gradually take your color hair down a few shades at a time rather than going platinum all at once. This not only prevents your hair from getting extremely damaged but it also gives you the opportunity to make sure you actually like a lighter color on yourself. You may find that a medium shade of blonde suits you better than a light one.

Also, make sure you use color-protecting, deep conditioning treatments at least once a week when going blonde. This will help minimalize damage and it will also help keep your color fresh. When you lighten you are hair, you are essentially creating tons of holes in your hair shafts to remove the dark pigment, which creates a great deal of damage. To repair hair , apply a clear shine chemical treatment to fill in the shaft. Make sure you are not over washing your hair or using excessive amounts of heat.

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22. February 2012 by Amber
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