2012 Hair Trends

2012 Hairstyles

As 2012 rolls in, hair trends are taking a whole new twist. Rather than focusing on “trendy” styles, hairstylists are trying to achieve looks that fit each of their individual clients. This means that you won’t see as many extreme looks like blunt bangs and pixie cuts during the new year. Instead, you will notice natural, face-framing styles that compliment facial structures.

At D&G’s farewell show, bouncy blowouts littered the runway. Long, loose 70′s inspired curls were seen on models throughout the show. To achieve this look, blow dry hair with a round bristled brush after spritzing roots with a volumizing product. Pull sections of hair in an upward motion aiming the blow dryer’s nozzle downward, while slowly turning the brush. Take each section and wrap it around three fingers all the way to the root pinning them with bobby pins and spraying each section with a light hairspray. After you have set all of the sections, let the hair down, mist with a shine spray and lightly brush out the hair.

Another 2012 hairstyle that will be seen is long razored layers, that frame each person’s face. The Bumble & Bumble house’s top stylists are reinventing their razoring technique. Rather than cutting layers with scissors, razoring will be used to create a more textured look.

This year, stylists will concentrate on keeping hair in great condition. There have been so many great conditioning products released in the past few years, so there is no longer any excuse for dry, brittle hair. Make sure to deep condition your hair at least one a week and keep shampooing to a minimum to ensure that your hair stays moisturized. Be on the lookout for shiny, healthy, natural hairstyles in 2012.

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14. February 2012 by Amber
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